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Dazey butter churns were commonly used to make fresh butter. A Dazey butter churn consists of a rectangular jar or an oval jar made of glass or metal with a paddle inserted into the center of it. The paddle has diagonal blades on it to churn the butter. The paddles stick out of the metal lids of Dazey butter churns and are attached to a wooden handle that falls to the side of the churn and the Old Dazey Butter Churn is operated by cranking this churn rapidly.

It takes five minutes to make butter with a Dasey butter churn. The metal Dazey butter churns are much larger than the glass ones. The glass Dazey butter churn jars that were rectangular had pointed and later flat corners. The oval or football shaped Dazey butter churns were produced after the rectangular ones.

The oval Dazey butter churns were considered an improvement on the rectangular ones. Because of their oval shape, milk, whey, and butter did not get lost in the corners of these churns. Many a Dazey butter churn on ebay is a reproduction of an antique Dazey butter churn rather than a vintage Dazey butter churn. These reproduction Dazey butter churns were not made by the Dazey Company.

A Dazey butter churn can be educational as well as fun. You can educate your child by buying some buttermilk, placing it in a Dazey butter churner and having your child churn it. You don`t have to live on or near a farm to have fun with a Dazey butter churn. Metal and glass Dazey butter churns are available for your enjoyment and you child`s education.